Commercial Loans

All State Lenders Corporation offers various types of commercial loan. They are:

SBA Loans

ASLC is actively providing loans to a wide variety of industries nationwide. To learn more about our program, please contact our Loan Officer any time.

Eligible Small Business Loan industries are:

  • Office Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Manufacturing
  • Child care facilities
  • Car Wash facilities
  • Automotive repair
  • Shops
  • Professional Buildings
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Restaurants
  • Gas Stations
  • Bed and Breakfasts
  • Single-Use Buildings
  • Start-ups
  • Franchises

Commercial Loan Refinancing

ASLC offers several financing programs for property owners. They are:

  • DPR (Distressed Property Recapitalization) program – For owners/brokers unable to Refinance commercial mortgage loans.
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Commercial Multifamily Loans

  • Is used to purchase, develop or renovate multifamily rental properties.
  • Included among multifamily property types are apartments, senior housing, student housing
  • and manufactured home parks. ASLC offers an extensive network of private and public capital sources
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Commercial Construction Loans

  • Construction loans are short-term and meant to be paid off when construction is completed.
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